Hi, I'm Harry.


After changing jobs earlier in the year, and the business and focus that comes with that (plus having a newborn), I'm very much at this point looking forward to having some time off over Christmas!

I'm planning on having a week off towards the end of November, where I'm hoping to spend some time working through Thorsten Ball's Writing An Interpreter In Go. Not having written any Go before, nor an interpreter for that matter, I'm very excited to dig in and see how far I can get. If I don't finish it then, I can always follow it up over the Christmas break.

Outside of work related things, I recently re-read 1984, which was even more scary given current political events, and am very nearly finished building my home office! I just have the flooring to order and install, but it's very functional and I've been working from it for the last few months.

Last updated: 07th November 2021

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